Debrief: Match vs HA.

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Debrief: Match vs HA.

Post  hezitate on Wed Nov 12, 2008 2:45 am


First loss (although I'm surprised it took some time coming) but I think we should pick up a few points from it for future matches to make us even better as a team, as we have some very decent players, but they had the same + great teamwork and team awareness which in some ways (fair enough it was cp_well) we were lacking in comparison.

Point number1 would be BattleBlob.
The did very well overwhelming us basically because we were playing more as individuals (which usually works ok because most other teams play in a similar manner) and they were sticking together, waiting for each other as standard before moving on, holding chokepoints as they allowed their dead teammates to catch up.

So we have a match on granary tomorrow and I'd like to see if we can, some more sticking together, if we play with 2 scouts having them raptor pack together whilst the remaining members battleblob it around, falling back if they are getting hurt... which brings me to

Point2, Medic buffing!
The second thing that they did very well was their medic (despite getting backstabbed a few times by jag Wink) was keeping everyone of them buffed up, and including their scout, as soon as one of them was partly injured they would fall back a bit and get rebuffed.

Normally we just play with the medic following eg the heavy around and giving a few people buffs at the start until they move off to attack, but the reason their buffing was working was due to point1, them moving as one battleblob with the medic keeping everyone in turn, buffed up so when we did try and mount an attack, we were up against some very high healthed players and when they ubered, they double ubered every time which really fked us up as well. (But it looked to me that rather than rocketing themselves to get the uber charged, the repeated buffing of each player was actually getting them their charges - obviously tricky to do but if we can get adel and motiv to master mass buffing along with everyone getting used to hanging with the medics then would be awesome?)

Point3 - Less panic! More Comms!
Sorry even I was talking some right rubbish on comms vs HA but we definitely need everyone to just be constantly calling stuff out (and on maps we know better I'm sure those calls will make more sense) so that we can get a good idea of what they are doing + each time you take down a class, regardless of what, unless someone else is talking you should really call it out because even 1 player down, if its an important class, tips the balance in our favour if we act quick.

Point4 - ???

Point5 - Profit!


So, match tomorrow on granary, we'll make sure we really think about classes this team as it seems Heavy on cp_well, despite how hard Killing was trying, the map was just too open and they had a good sniper+battleblob as discussed above.

We need to also keep together more, if we take a point, waiting up for people to respawn (As Standard!) and getting everyone + scout(s) buffed up before they rush in, also beware of selfharm to get an uber unless you have teammates around you, I've had a few times when I've been rocketing myself to then find I'm getting shot at and I'm not buffed up.

Finally keep our survivability rates up, in previous games this is the reason we have won, due to keeping people alive thanks to our medics + teaming up against their players. If we play with something along the lines of: 2x Soldier, Demo, 2x Scouts (or spy?) + Medic on granary, make sure that we try and keep the 3 heavy hitters + medic together and the 1-2 scouts together + buffed up if possible, focusing more on hit and run to take out or just even distract.

This post is all common sense and to be fair I know you all know this stuff but just keep it all in mind and lets try and stick as a team more if possible. - Out


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