COMMS and Strategy!

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COMMS and Strategy!

Post  hezitate on Wed Feb 04, 2009 3:35 am

Tactics talk again (hurray)

Ok, so after our scrim yesterday on Freight and Well, got a few more points I'm going to make about comms and generally what I'm planning on yelling going forward Razz

I think both myself and sometimes others get confused when I hear/shout a class name and say a direction or something aligned to that which could be about our team or theirs, and although sometimes obvious, other times it can be difficult to know instantly.

So, with this in mind, I'm going to start trying to keep to the two things separate...

The three groups within our 6 are:

Combo! - Both soldiers and the medic together (or if we field a heavy instead of a soldier, that also fits into this)
Boomer! - Our demo, whoever that may be, shall now been known as Boomer as a quick ref eg. boomer go left/sticky the house or whatever else... (either that or boombox, and whilst we can use names, i seem to find it easier giving stuff generic names)
Raptors! - Both scouts working together or individually, even if there is just the 1 scout, im still going to try and call you raptor simply because people know what i mean and wont confuse it with 'scout down/scout left' or something

The main reason for my hezitation (see what i did there? no? nevermind then) a lot of the time is I don't really have a picture in my head where people are at any one time because im trying to say 'r7an go left, adel go here, someone go there'... But with these three clearly defined groups, hopefully it should be quicker for me to call it, easier for me to picture it and hopefully cause less confusion than saying 'demo left, soldiers right'

Also, I think numbers and colours work better than left/right because it can get confusing if you are turned around or facing a different direction when it is called? - like gate1 and 2 yesterday but i think as long as we start getting names in our heads for certain maps, stuff will start clicking into place...

Also I still think that Jag's comms idea of talking in the third person (eg hez down) is a good idea if we can all get into this habit (i do recognise voices but maybe to help reduce confusion still)

We're still going to try and do the soldier copying soldier but in future maybe it'll be easier for me to be the soldier to follow because i am moving as soon as I'm saying push and obviously there is a bit of a delay on vent so rather than cause more confusion I think I'll try and take lead out of the two of us. I'll also try harder to keep everyone together (when pushing, after i messed it up a bit yesterday with my calling Razz)

If we are pushing, or I'm looking to start to push and we don't have an uber, please shout ur head off Adel because I will stop if this is the case, if you are healing someone else or I've just not realised your percentage is high but not full then DO tell me straight away start shouting HOLD or STOP or something and we'll stop, but any delay or something and we are already committed so if i start to say push and you are nearly charged but not full shout at me straight away and we'll wait.

Please comment as to what everyone thinks about the above generally, and start getting used to hearing me shout combo/boomer/raptors


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Re: COMMS and Strategy!

Post  Adel on Wed Feb 04, 2009 7:21 am

I have to say, sometimes it's very funny watching two sollies (any combination out of hez/r7an/theysaid) trying to co-operate. Like, one goes right and one left, and then they sort of both sense that the other's not with them, both turn round and try to follow the other, and end up back where they started. Meanwhile I'm standing behind waiting for them to make their minds up Very Happy


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